The aspirations and commitments contained in Vision 2020 under which Malaysia aims to achieve a developed nation status as articulated by the Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir, pose a challenging task for the country as a whole. However when Prime Minister Datuk Najib Razak became the prime minister, he envisioned Malaysia to be an Education Hub for South East Asia. Education was one of the highlighted issues in 9MP, that the government believes that such sector will be able to generate and contribute wealth for Malaysia and to create quality workforce for the country, under his administration the country moved down to developing its inherent strengths in EDUCATION. The early childhood sector is now under the preview of the prime minister's wife Datin Rosmah.

With such a scenario, Ms. Pushpa Malar Kanniaseelan, sole proprietor of Tadika Adik Bistharii will strive to enhance its quality of education in the early childhood sector and take advantage of the optimistic outlook of the nation's future and prosperity.

Tadika Adik Bistharii primary business objectives are:

�   To provide a save and conducive environment for care and learning.
�   To provide a holistic curriculum that enhances quality learning.
�   To provide equal opportunities for all children.
�   To provide competent and qualified teaching staffs for the children.
�   To create future leaders.

Ms. Pushpa Malar Kanniaseelan, started her career as a preschool teacher 16 years ago and decided to venture into her own preschool business 10 years ago. Since 2001 she has worked and built her business to a successful level. While reading her masters in the UK, she had the opportunity to work as a preschool teacher and deputy head during her 3 year stay there.

Since returning with her acquired knowledge and work experience, she then decided to transfer of technology for the UK to Malaysia. She upgraded her school to a UK/Malaysia curriculum. This has further contributed to Tadika Adik Bistharii’s  steady success.
Today her success is based on, with her good values and principles which are deeply rooted within her. They are:

�   Desire to involve in business.
�   Determination to succeed in the business arena.
�   Diligence in carrying out other related business.
�   Discipline in ones’ self to observe the rhythmic change in the education field.
�   Dedication and passion to contribute.
�   Desire to help the unfortunate and unwavering faith in GOD.

With these principles in mind, she aims to :

�   To offer her company products and services of the highest standard and quality
�   Continue to take opportunities and identify other business that compliments the company’s existing businesses.
�   Establish a chain of good network throughout the country and provide a good and excellent education structure which serves to make competitive business decisions based on market forces.